see what is rare

One must stop and see. This is the only way to appreciate the art, the only way to value the artist.

Founded in 2014, Lumicroma heads towards 2022 with the intention of continuing to foster the Photography Culture, extending its commitment to the promotion of fine art photography - analogue, digital or hybrid - and the fair recognition of its authors.

This need for valorization becomes even more pressing in times of pandemic. Given the current challenges, Lumicroma launches the IN COLORS PROJECT, by which professional and amateur photographers are given the opportunity for exposure and access to a wider market.

As an aggregating initiative, the IN COLORS PROJECT will bring together the talent and sensibility of those who, in Portugal and around the world, give us their look on life. Through the diversity of styles and aesthetics, the singular character that populates a photographic record is reaffirmed. In this exclusivity, each work is an invitation to a visual experience that is always rare and intimate.

Transparency and Commitment

The presentation of the new Lumicroma platform will take place in the first quarter of 2022. Transparency and commitment are structural foundations both in communication with the public and in the relationship with the artists represented.

It is under these ethical principles that the IN COLORS PROJECT dynamic takes place, a dialogue between artists, with artists. It is with them that this team is completed. Our team. And between us there can be no constraints. That's why, while waiting for the future website, HERE are the rules for participation in the Lumicroma | Photography Art Gallery.