Conditions of participation

conditions of participation

The promotion of photographers and their work is at the genesis of the IN COLORS PROJECT and of a new platform for artistic photography. Inseparable, both projects are part of Lumicroma's development strategy, outlined in the middle of the pandemic.

With this purpose and in an unprecedented universal context, we provide photographers with a structure capable of supporting them in mitigating the negative impacts caused by the pandemic, particularly dramatic in the cultural and artistic sector. This is a challenge that demands passion, but also a lot of pragmatism: financial sustainability is needed.

Only in a self-sustaining ecosystem can we create value for professionals and new opportunities for amateurs and as yet unknown talents. That is why we created Lumicroma | Photography Art Gallery, one of the pillars of the future digital platform.

In view of the above, the photographs that will integrate the IN COLORS PROJECT Exhibition will also be available, in limited series for Fine Art printing, in the Gallery space. Those interested in the current Call for Proposals should recognize, a priori, that this is the way to participate in this initiative, should their work be selected.
With ethics, transparency and commitment, we will evolve together.

The integration of works in Lumicroma's Gallery, follows a pact of close cooperation with the artists.

Under non-negotiable ethical principles and guided by a well-defined vision - mark the difference in the art market globally - Lumicroma establishes with each author a contractual relationship that includes:

- The creation of the Artist Profile, a personal page integrated in our trilingual platform;
- The presentation of each work with text and technical data, available for sale in a limited edition of printed copies;
- The issue of a Certificate of Authenticity that will accompany each printed copy;
- The after-sales service, namely the delivery of the printed work to the end customer.

The presence in Lumicroma | Photography Art Gallery also implies participation in a project of:
- Consistent and continued promotion of the Universe of the Gallery, from the Artists represented to the works made available, through own articles, shares in social networks and dissemination both in the media and with groups, entities and institutions of interest;
- Dissemination of the Photographic Culture and gathering of a community of Talents;
- Valuing Photographers and supporting their internationalization.

1. The base price of the work is set jointly by the author and the Lumicroma curatorial team.
2.The retail selling price of the work (i.e. of each copy of a limited edition) is the sum of the base price of the work, plus the Fine Art printing cost and taxes, if applicable.
3. To the retail selling price may be added the costs of framing, as well as printing in exceptional formats or materials (other than Lumicroma's regular offers) and transport (applicable depending on destination and load). These additional costs are borne directly by the end customer.
4. By setting the base price of your work, the Artist knows, a priori, that you will receive 50% of that amount after the sale is completed (excluding taxes, if applicable, and without the costs of fine art printing, framing, logistics and transportation).
5. Lumicroma will receive, for each sale, 50% of the value of the base price.

In the first two years, the entire commission from the sale of the works will be used to promote the platform internationally and thus the artists and their works.
This is our purpose. The valorization of photography and photographers.

In the percentage established are included the expenses and obligations assumed by Lumicroma, given the indicators set out here:
- Expenses with human resources;
- Expenses with maintenance and updating of the platform;
- Expenses with dissemination and communication (digital channels, media, etc.);
- Paid advertisements for promotion of the LUMICROMA Platform;
- Fairs and physical exhibitions;
- Production of promotional articles and creation of the Artist's Page;
- Administrative, advisory, customer support and post-sales services;
- Plot for investment in Social Responsibility.

1. After 14 days of the sale the photographer/artist will be contacted to issue an invoice, receipt or isolated act.
2. The respective payments to the Author will be made within 30 days after receipt of the invoice, receipt or isolated act.

1. The Artist will not pay any value to be represented in the Lumicroma Gallery. Thus, it will benefit free of charge from all associated services, including promotion and public presentation of his work.
2. At no time Lumicroma will charge a value for the effort of disclosure of the Artist and his work, whether there is a sale or not.
3. Lumicroma is committed to always fight for copyrights.
4. Acknowledging the previous items, the Artist declares to be the author and rightful owner of the work he presents to Lumicroma.
5. Likewise, the Artist grants Lumicroma the exclusivity of commercialization of his work (and by work it is understood, here, the photograph or photographs put on sale in the Gallery) for a period of twelve months.
6. During this twelve-month period, the Artist may not, therefore, sell this same work outside of Lumicroma.
7. Likewise, during that twelve-month period, the work for sale on Lumicroma may not be marketed or displayed in other spaces, virtual or physical, except with Lumicroma's permission.
8. The Artist may sell other works of his (not on display in Lumicroma Gallery) wherever and however he wishes. This situation will not occur only if the Artist establishes with Lumicroma, by his will, an exclusive contract for all his artistic production.
9. Lumicroma may add, change or remove items to this document at any time, without having to publicly announce it. It is obliged, however, to communicate the changes to the Artists represented by it, who may accept them (maintaining the contract) or refuse them (terminating the contract).