It is an initiative without borders, launched by Lumicroma, to promote photography and its authors. Through a Call for Proposals, the works that will integrate the exhibition IN COLORS PROJECT are sought.

To people over 18, of any nationality, interested in making their artistic approach to photography known. Part of the IN COLORS PROJECT concept is to promote the meeting between renowned, emerging, or still totally unknown talents, and through their works manifest the coexistence of cultures, styles, and aesthetics.

Yes. Under the theme React!, receptive to infinite interpretations, different photographic styles and the most diverse aesthetics will be considered.

No. It would be an easy way for Lumicroma to get financial return for a project that involves a large investment, but no. There are no fees. The entire application process and participation in the IN COLORS PROJECT is free.

Call for Proposals, from December 9, 2021 to January 20, 2022. This is the period considered for the submission of works, through the online Form. The application process is carried out, exclusively, through this website.
Pre-selection, evaluation and selection of the works, until the end of February 2022. The photographs that comply with the Regulation will be evaluated by an independent jury.
Exhibition Opening: March 2022, at the launch of Lumicroma's new digital platform.

YES! The IN COLORS PROJECT concept developed in the middle of the pandemic. It owes its name to the desire to overcome uncertainty. It also stems from the need to support photographers by providing them with a platform for visibility and opportunity. So, yes: we want to see the present and the future "in color", which includes extraordinary black and white visions.

Each applicant (the author himself) may submit up to ten photographs, but one is enough for the application to be valid. In other words, the number of photographs is not an evaluation criterion.

Please do not include watermarks on your images. While we recognize that you want to protect the authorship of your work, it is no longer common practice to add watermarks to images shared online, and it can, at worst, negatively affect your impact and correct reading by the IN COLORS PROJECT jury.
We guarantee that we will only publish low resolution images, always indicating the name of the photographer, and only of the works that will be selected for the Exhibition IN COLORS PROJECT - React! and/or integrated into the future Lumicroma Gallery.

The technical and artistic quality. The creativity, the difference in vision. The relevance of the message. The visual and emotional impact of the work. The invitation to reflect and to be dazzled.

It is not a reason for selection or exclusion. In the application form, there is space for the artist's presentation. This data, however, will not be considered in the evaluation of the photographs. In fact, the jury will not have access to them in the evaluation process. Each photo will be evaluated on its own.

The IN COLORS PROJECT is not a competition. However, the stimulation of artistic creation and the exposure of talent, along with the creation of opportunities for photographers, justifies various forms of distinction:

- 3.000,00 (three thousand euros)
Prize Sponsors: Special Insurance and Boavista Mediação Seguros.
More than a pecuniary prize, it will be the special distinction to be attributed to a single work (chosen by the Jury among all the selected works) and the praise to its author.
- Artist's Page in Lumicroma | Photography Art Gallery.
- Publication of an article in Lumicroma Magazine (on the future website, as of March 2022) about the "winner" and his/her work.
- Feature publication on social networks.

Honorable Mention (up to two)
- Publication of an article in Lumicroma Magazine about the author and the work awarded.
- Highlighted publication in Lumicroma's social networks.
- Artist's Page on Lumicroma | Photography Art Gallery.

Around 40 works will be selected for the IN COLORS PROJECT - React! exhibition.
- All authors with selected works will benefit from Lumicroma's promotion channels: visibility in the future digital platform, a trilingual website dedicated exclusively to Photography and Photographers; identification in contents (individual or as a whole) in social networks; identification in institutional promotion dossiers and in the media.
- Artist's Page at Lumicroma | Photography Art Gallery (to be created for each represented author during the first three months of the online exhibition).
- Commercialization of the selected works in Lumicroma | Photography Art Gallery (Limited Edition with Fine Art print).
- Participation of the selected works in the physical exhibition of the IN COLORS PROJECT - React! (date and place to be determined in due time).

On the future website of Lumicroma, for an indefinite period. However, the possibility of a physical exhibition is not excluded (we will give news in due course).

First of all, congratulations! You will receive an email with complete instructions when this happens, and we will talk to you throughout the process.
You will be asked for a high resolution version of the artwork, along with some other details.
We will then formalize the terms of sale for your selected artwork and draw up the appropriate contracts and authorizations.

All photographers who have submitted one or more works to the IN COLORS PROJECT will receive a response.
The decision will be communicated to the selected applicants during February 2022.
Lumicroma guarantees the confidentiality of the information provided in each application. As such, only the names of the authors whose work has been selected for the Exhibition will be disclosed.

In the registration form, you can choose what you want: for Lumicroma to delete your data, including the works you have submitted to PROJECTO A CORES, or for Lumicroma to save them. For this second option, there is the possibility that the author will be contacted later for the entry of his work in Lumicroma Gallery space (if his/her work has quality and if that is he/her desire).

Absolutely! For Lumicroma, respect for copyright is crucial. The work belongs to whoever created it.Lumicroma simply assumes itself as a promoter of the author's work and as a platform for its dissemination and marketing, being granted a license to use it for specific purposes, referred to in the Rules of IN COLORS PROJECT).

In the context of the IN COLORS PROJECT Call for Proposals, Lumicroma can only use the works that are selected for the Exhibition. In this case, the photographs can integrate the communication strategies of Lumicroma, always with the attribution of authorship credits, always with the purpose of promoting the work and its author.


The works selected for the IN COLORS PROJECT Exhibition will be for sale in the future Gallery space at They will be available as a limited edition, for Fine Art print.

The base price of the work is defined jointly by the author and the Lumicroma curatorial team.

No. The author can present/trade other pictures of himself in other galleries or promotion/trading spaces. The exclusivity contract applies only to photographs on display in Lumicroma Gallery or in an exhibition held by Lumicroma (in this second case, exclusivity covers the first twenty-four months from the opening day).

It is co-financed by Compete 2020, Portugal 2020 and the European Union - European Regional Development Fund.

It is a project for the valorization of photography, be it digital, analog or hybrid. Initially focused on research and development of artistic processes based on "green" chemical methods of photo development, Lumicroma has evolved into a more comprehensive concept. The new challenges will be mirrored in its new digital platform, which will be launched in the first quarter of 2022. The IN COLORS PROJECT is both the dynamo and the reflection of this transformation.