Lucília Monteiro
Lucília Monteiro

Madeira (PT), 1966

In 1988 she enrolled in the Photography Course at Escola Superior Artística do Porto and then began her career as a photojournalist. In 2014 she received a master's degree in documentary photography and film.
Among the experiences in renowned Portuguese newspapers and magazines (Expresso and Visão), highlights include ethnic minorities in China (1998), work related to Portuguese around the world: Venezuela and Angola (2001). Guinea, Mozambique, Cape Verde, Brazil.
Lucília's photographic work can be found in individual publications – "Tibet: Quase o Céu” (Dividendo, 2000) e "ex-voto" (author book 2014), selected at the Photobookshow in London (2015) – as well as in group exhibitions, among them "Beelden in Vervoeing" (Porto European Capital of Culture, with Rotterdam 2001), "Metáforas do Sentir Português" (Centro Português de Fotografia, 2002) and "Fotografia no Douro: Arqueologia e Modernidade" (CPF, 2006).
Besides photojournalism, she has participated with personal projects in the field of documentary photography/art/installation in solo exhibitions – "Ex-voto" (Casa das Artes in Porto and Porta 33 Madeira, Salgadeiras Gallery, Lisbon 2014) – and collective exhibitions: "A2V A Duas Velocidades" (Centro das Artes Casa das Mudas, Madeira Island 2013) with the artists Rigo23 and Vhils, resulting from an artist residency, and in Brazil, Belém do Pará, "O Círio 2019", exhibition 2020.
Her last book project, "Imagem Foto Corpo Lugar", 2022, was awarded at the Foto Book festival Kassel Dummy award 23.
Lucília Monteiro creates narratives from her 35 years photographic archive, and relates it to the present. The central themes of her investigations are: body and place, and their myths.