Maria João Cortesão
Maria João Cortesão

Coimbra (PT), 1970

Full-time Adjunct Professor at the School of Media Arts and Design (ESMAD) of the Polytechnic of Porto (P.Porto), PhD in Information Sciences, specializing in Advertising Communication, she directs her scientific research within the scope of the relationships between advertising and cinema and also in the analysis of filmic discourse and photographic discourse. She is a member of the research unit UniMAD at ESMAD.
Teaches in the master's degree in Audiovisual Communication in the Specialization in Audiovisual Production and Realization, in the degree in Technology of Audiovisual Communication and in the degree in Photography.
Member of the Pedagogical Council.
Coordinator of the Specialization in Production and Direction of the Master in Audiovisual Communication of the Department of Image Arts of ESMAD.
Member of the Scientific Committee of the International Meeting "O Cinema e as outras Artes". Member of the Reading Committee, CINEMA E OUTRAS ARTES III, DIÁLOGOS E INQUIETUDES ARTÍSTICAS.
Member of the Jury of the contests Support for Training Activities for Children and Youth and Support for the Production of Animated Feature Films, of the Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual (ICA).
Member of the Federation of Film and Audiovisual Schools (FECA), as President of the General Assembly.
Participation in juries and workshops in festivals and film shows (Avanca, MIFEC, O Cinema e as Outras Artes, FEST) and in the national juries of the Audiovisual and Film Institute (2021).
Producer of Images of the Real Imaginado (IRI) - Cycle of Photography, Cinema and Multimedia (2015 to 2019).
President of the General Assembly of the Federation of Film and Audiovisual Schools (2019 to date).