Paulo Pimenta
Paulo Pimenta

Porto (PT), 1967

Graduated from the photography course at ESAP. He has been a photojournalist at Público newspaper for over 15 years. In 2010 he received the maximum photojournalism award "Estação Imagem Mora", and in 2012 and 2013 he won the 2nd prize in the Art and Shows category. In 2017, in "Estação Imagem Viana do Castelo" he won the award in the same category.
He was selected among world photographers for the publication of the book 2012.He has several publications in international books and magazines, highlighting "Pina Bausch Internationales Tanzfestival", "15 years of Público", "22 years Paredes de Coura Festival", "Art and Citizenship Prison Context- ECOAR" and "From here onwards" - 10 years of CRINABEL, presented at Teatro Nacional D. Maria II.
Among his individual exhibitions are "Histórias Fora de Palco", at the Portuguese Center of Photography; "Na casa de" at FNAC stores; "10 Espetáculos, 10 Mulheres", at the Municipal Gallery of Matosinhos; "20 Anos de fotografia" of "As Boas Raparigas", in billboards around Porto; "O meu Paredes de Coura" on the 20 years of the Festival; "Do outro lado", at Espaço Mira; and at the New York Photo Festival. He integrated the exhibition " Oito espaços para sete olhares", from Rota das Catedrais do Norte - D. R. Cultura do Norte.
He has integrated several multidisciplinary projects, such as the 2014 Venice Biennale of Architecture -#Home Land "Primeira pedra- Monte Xisto" and the " projecto troika". He participated in TEDxMatosinhos 2016. He was a jury of several competitions, namely "Outro Prisma" of the Northern Regional Section of the Order of Architects, and "A Inclusão na Diversidade" of Plural&Singular.
Other interventions: " Retrato das ilhas" exhibition by the INDUCAR Network, at the Portuguese Photography Center (2018) and at the Vila do Conde Municipal Theater; "Ruido no Silêncio" project in the sensorial Labirinto, in São João da Madeira; Dias do Património a Norte - artistic residency, with visual installation at the Monastery of Santa Maria de Salzedas together with musician Samuel Martins Coelho; "É só mais dez minutos", at Augusto Cabrita Municipal Auditorium (2020, Barreiro ); "Corpo em Movimento", at Centro Cultural Mala Posta (2021); Photography Cycle of Lamego and Vale do Varosa, Museu de Lamego, Gente sem Casa" (2021); "Arca" Pele installation, Galeria Ars Longa Vita Brevis (2021); "Despojos da Torre Babel", with Alexandra Couto, an interactive installation at Imaginarius Festival 2021.