Cookie policy

Lumicroma's website uses cookies. A cookie is a small file with alphanumeric information that is saved by the browser in the local storage of the equipment, from which a user has accessed the website Lumicroma, serving to distinguish the type of access made through the equipment from other access made through other computer equipment.

Lumicroma uses cookies to improve the performance of user navigation within its website, eliminating the need to repeatedly enter the same information, thus increasing the speed and efficiency of response, providing a better browsing experience. These cookies help determine the usefulness, interest and number of uses of our pages, maintaining the user's state during their navigation (such as the language in which the web page is displayed).

Cookies also allow for the continuous improvement of the site's contents, without, however, retaining any personally identified or identifiable data, such as the name or address of the user.

Types of cookies

Cookies can be stored for one session only (they record user preferences, such as the language of the sites) or to maintain the sessions of authenticated users and are automatically deleted when the browser is closed. Cookies can be persistent (they record information needed between sessions, such as indicating that the user has already been made aware of the privacy policy). In any case, cookies are maintained until the date set for their expiration or when they are deleted by the user.

Purpose of cookies

Essential, when they allow the use of user applications and access to secure and reserved areas, by collecting anonymous information that helps improve the way the website works. We use these cookies, namely, to "remember" the information entered in forms and registration of visits for statistical treatment. The acceptance of these cookies is a condition for using our website and inhibiting them prevents access to authenticated content.

Functional, when they help "remember" the user's preferences regarding navigation on the web page, thus not needing to reconfigure and customize them each time you visit and use us. Lumicroma uses these cookies, in particular, to check the web page for consistent information or, for example, to "remember" the possibility of registering on a form. This type of cookie can be controlled by the user through the browser settings and this restriction may have an impact on the functionality of Lumicroma's website.

Advertising, when they serve to target advertising according to the interests of each user. Lumicroma does not use third party advertising cookies.

Analytical, when they collect information about how you use the site, helping to identify the most visited content on the web page to thus enable the orientation of content to user preferences. These cookies do not collect personal data and cannot be altered or retrieved by any service or other domain. The information obtained through these means, as already mentioned, does not allow to establish any relationship at the level of the IP address of users for the purpose of verifying personal data. The Lumicroma uses the services of Google Analytics to monitor the levels of use of their websites and can consult here additional information about the collection of data made.

To support our publication of content, sometimes images from other web pages are included. Visits to these pages are subject to cookie policies over which Lumicroma has no control.

You can block the creation of cookies by activating a browser setting, which in turn will allow you to refuse the creation of some or all cookies. Below you will find links to help pages for the major internet browsers. Please note, however, that blocking all cookies (including session cookies) may limit or prevent access to some content on Lumicroma's website.

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The cookie policy described in this document applies only to the website.